Sushant Chaudhary

A Proud Nepali

Sushant Chaudhary

A recent high school graduate who has been coding Front-End with HTML/CSS/JS and Back-End with Python, RoR and NodeJS for quite some time now. After a decent experience on handling multimedia tools such as Adobe Photoshop, After FX, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, as of now I'm playing with Pandas via Python and also looking forward to creating my first React-Native cross-platform application.

  • Jahada Marga, Biratnagar, Nepal, 44600

My Tech Skills

I don't consider myself a professional on the following niches (not yet), but trust me you'll get your job done.

Web Design and Architecture 40%
Python 43%

Considerable Experience

Interned as a Junior Programmer at Jhakaas Computer Solutions, Kathmandu, Nepal

Online Certifications

Certified as possessing the mentioned skillsets via celebrated online platforms

Academically Outstanding

Graduated Secondary School as a Top-10 student with impressive grades and recommendations from the teachers.

Sports Enthusiast

Participated in several extracurriculars as a student- Cricket, Soccer- and enjoy watching athletics.

Voluntarily Active

Served as the celebrated Treasurer as well as Junior President of the Red Cross Society of Morang Chapter, Nepal and volunteered for social and economical upliftment of locality for more than 1000 hours.


I like to keep up with the exclusive information on the latest fashion in tech world, a 'Tecnista' maybe ? Pardon me.

completed self/shared project
online MOOCs completion
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current projects

Perhaps, Some Wisdom ?


44600, Jahada Marga, Biratnagar